Addiction Counseling

Dawn works as a Licensed Advanced Addiction Counselor and Medication-Assisted Treatment Counselor. She specializes in treatment of those using naltrexone (oral, injected, implanted) in order to fight cravings and in addictive behaviors from codependency to food addiction.

As an addiction counselor our first objective is gaining sobriety in the individuals area of concern.” In medication-assisted treatment a unique advantage often lays way to the ability for the client to accomplish quite a bit behavioral change with the cravings subsided.

If you are interested in obtaining services from Dawn in order to move forward and break generational bondage’s, achieve your dreams, goals, purpose and vision for your life, call now for a free phone consultation.

D. Dawn Maxwell, MA, LAADC, MATC

Hope and Healing are around the corner…you are almost there. Call Today.

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