Speaking Topics

Current Speaking Topics by Dawn Include:

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction     

Available to addiction treatment centers, professionals, government agencies, insurance companies, and private groups, Dawn co-authored a comprehensive counseling program on the the “brain on naltrexone” and developed a comprehensive treatment modality to offer to new hope to those struggling with substance use, specific to those on naltrexone. Contact her to educate your group on this forward moving treatment.

Help, I’m Hurting!
95 Pounds and Other Things I Lost and Gained While Breaking Family Patterns

After packing on more than 90 pounds, Dawn found her weight to be a physical manifestation of her deeper emotional hurts.  One day after a reality check and good look in the mirror, she endeavored on a journey to release the emotional weights that held her down for years.  In this talk, “Help, I’m Fat.” Dawn uses her real life story and lively antidotes to address the reasons women of all ages find themselves trapped in cycles of repetitive behaviors that hold them down both physically and emotionally.

This inspirational message takes you down the path she walked with God, while teaching you the key elements we all need not only to lose the excess we carry, but more importantly, how to keep it off.

If you find yourself weighed down by life’s hardships, physically, emotionally or spiritually, this talk will give you the tools to turn your tragedies into triumphs!

The Proverbs 31 Woman, Who is she Really?

Life is tough enough without having to live up to what appears to be unrealistic expectations.  Hence, the Proverbs 31 woman.  Sure we’ve all read it and rolled our eyes.  But who is she really and how can we apply her example to our every day life.

In this talk, Dawn will her unique humor coupled with her life-application teaching style to help women integrate the biblical goals of the Proverbs woman in to their everyday life.  Upon close examination this seemingly impossible example will be presented in a way to grow, flourish and empower women in their every day lives while maintaining and enhancing the principles God has put before us as women.

This talk like all of Dawn’s is friendly to both those who are followers-of-Christ and those who have not quite met Him yet.  It will leave participants with a new perspective, hope and healing.

Help, I Sound Like My Parents!
Turning off the Negative Patterns from Your Childhood

With no disrespect to our families of origin, we’ve all had the experience of after a lifetime of planning to do and say the opposite of the things that most annoyed us growing up, we one day  open our mouths and our parents’ words or behaviors come pouring out.

In the old adage “where ever you go, there you are,”  Dawn explains how we unconsciously pass the very things we detest the most onto our children, repeating negative and destructive patterns and behaviors we intended to break.

If you are anxious to sever the generational  patterns that have enslaved your family for decades, this Talk is for you.  Covering everything from addiction, abuse, anger and more, with God’s help anyone can “disinherit” the next generation from repeating negative patterns and instead pay forth blessings and change.   Whether you are 20 or 90 years old it’s never too late to set a new example for our kids so they have have a better path to follow.

Help, I Think I’m Going Crazy    
Finding Sanity in an Insane World

If this question has ever plagued your mind you are not alone.  If you find yourself wanting to fix everyone around you, avoiding your own issues and feeling like you are going crazy, this Talk is for you.  After years of attempting to control and fix everyone around her, Dawn shares her adventures in codependency, enabling others and the chaos that ensues living a life out of control.

God did not intend us to live a life of chaos and His word says so.

In this workshop, Dawn equips you with the steps necessary to live a life that is centered on God and the plans He has divinely prepared in advance for each of us,  while not attempting to control the behaviors and actions of others.

You can enjoy a life knowing exactly what you can control and what you can’t and stop making yourself crazy in the process.  Dawn shares her journey with Christ and the resources He provided to re-gaining soundness and a spirit of peace.   This Talk is especially helpful to the over worked, over burdened and those who think they just can’t take one more thing without going over the edge.

Help, I’m Getting Divorced

After experiencing an unexpected divorce, Dawn shares what happens when you get the opposite of what you expected in life.  Her journey through the myriad of emotions, trials and eventual blessings of starting a new life, will leave you with tangible tools for survival and hope for your future.

Designed for those who are currently hurting from a pending divorce or carrying residual pain from a past divorce, this Talk will address the realization we are never alone when we walk with God and find His blessings in difficult situations.

Now remarried for over 20 years, Dawn will teach you the life essential truths of who you are in Christ after feeling abandoned and heartbroken.  Whether you are in the midst of a divorce, separated or have already been there, this Talk leave with a sense of wholeness and hope for a future.

Recovery Talks

Finding freedom in working a faith-based 12 step program Dawn has 2-25 minute versions of her Recovery Testimony available for 12 Step Groups, Recovery Groups and those who just want a real and raw version of the redemption of Christ in a broken  and healing soul.

And Many More…

*please note all topics can be tailered for your special event-whether a bible study or weekend retreat- Call Dawn Today for your next event*

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