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View from the Curb…support for the friends & families of those with struggling addiction and/or mental illness

For years I have been penning my manuscript on my book the View from the Curb, a perspective of the loved ones of those struggling with addiction, mental health issues, or both.

In fact, I have been interviewed on major radio stations including KWAVE and KABC regarding the ongoing upcoming manuscript twice; and still I sat unable to writeWhy? Because the pain from the past I worked so hard for so many years to overcome, continues to rear its ugly head and cast fears and doubts about my abilities to write, perform, and excel in my purpose, without criticism from those whose opinions I choose to give power to. It is a faulty thinking system I have based on my codependent tendencies.

Now don’t get me wrong, the faulty thinking in my brain that tells me when and if I post and write, social media followers will criticize me and call me a fraud, and all the other lies the enemy plants in my continually growing sea of doubts when I allow it.

The reality is this; my story is mine and mine alone, as is yours. God allowed it to happen in my life to give me a unique perspective of healing and support I can pay forward to another generation. So I will choose to ignore the doubts in my mind and move forward.

So what is the View from the Curb?  It is a book, maybe a film, an  article or whatever God chooses to do with it once it’s done. I am only called to write it. And most importantly it is the perspective that the 80 million of us who have known and loved the over 23 million people who struggle with addictive disorders. And we need one another to heal and move forward.

The View vision came to me when comparing my life long journey of loving folks who struggled with addiction to an accident scene. There are always looky Lou’s and Lucy’s who slow down to see the accident as traffic piles up. Then, before you know it the paramedics, police, ambulance, and other emergency services are on the scene; all focused around this one person.

Yet, it seems that no one ever stops at the accident scene to slow down and look over their shoulder to see who is sitting on the curb,  and there are parents, siblings, children, spouses, and others who are dying, exhausted, sick, stressed, confused and often live without support. That is the View from the Curb! 

So I invite you on the journey with me to share your story of perceived invisibility, loss, exhaustion, and most importantly healing.  Together we are more powerful in sharing ways to support loved ones while experiencing health and healing…a survival guide of hope.

Let’s grow and heal together with God’s grace, we can’t do this alone. Please share your story, I know you have one!

***This is in NO WAY written with disrespect to those who struggle with the horrible afflictions of brain disorders, but as a specific support for the families and friends.***


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