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Yes, Recovery is Suppose to Feel Uncomfortable

clip art blog 2   I was talking to an acquaintance tonight who struggles with food issues and weight loss, “I want to lose weight but I just don’t feel like it,” she shared. She continued, “the food tastes great and I just don’t want to stop, it’s not comfortable.” What? Really?

I gasped to myself wondering if anyone ever promised recovery would feel good, be fun out the gate, or be comfortable. Although the road to wellness may not “feel great” initially, the new behaviors learned on the journey will eventually replace the faulty ones that lead to the pain you experience.

That’s right, discomfort is a good thing in recovery and in truth the momentary discomfort of change, compared to the elongated pain experienced  by  indulgent behaviors and substances, are a small price to pay. In fact, creating discomfort in early recovery can serve as a motivation to get well.

Things such as legal issues, custody problems, money concerns, and relational loclip art blogss, often cause a great deal of discomfort that eventually lead someone to get the help they need to change. These things are often natural consequences and discomforts that serve to motivate changed behaviors.

Back to my acquaintance, she shared having a membership at a weight loss facility she was not using. They had begun to call her and encourage her to come back if only to weigh in…they get it!

In fact, my advice to her was to show up and weigh in Monday morning and every week after that whether she was on the program or not. Eventually, she will either get so sick of having to weigh in or so disgusted by the number she sees, she may choose change, it’s a good motivating discomfort.

What discomfort in your life can you use as a motivation to make positive changes and move toward recovery? After all if nothing changes…nothing changes. And if you are waiting for a situation to resolve itself, it won’t. We have a choice, God always gives us a choice.

If you are still breathing you have not crossed a line you can’t come back from and it is not too late for a change. After all, some people’s bottom is death and you are still with us if you are reading this. You matter to God, He never wastes a hurt, and you have worth and value that can bless others…no matter where you are!

Now get uncomfortable!




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