Special Celebrity Edition

Enjoy our special Celebrity Edition with Butch Patrick a.k.a. “Eddie Munster” as we discuss child actors, addiction and growing up in Hollywood.


One thought on “Special Celebrity Edition

  1. Hi Dawn, I am listening to you on KWAVE right now and it sounds like I am listening to myself. I want to reach out and help these people on the other side of addiction/co dependance.

    My childhood was surrounded by all the above ! And your right it has to come out somehow someway. I praise God I answered His call and plowed through and let go.

    I have been praying about changing careers from Lab Asst of 25 years to substance abuse counselor and recovery coaching is exactly what the families need to get through, move past and heal themselves.

    Thank you for all you do and I believe God answered my questions of where/what direction I should go in my career.

    Dr. Martin Moser has a program for Christian based training for Substance Abuse Counselor and helps get you the RASI needed in CA. And his goal is to place counselors in the church. AWESOME idea. There is such a huge need for healing and I pray God keeps blessing you with the hand of His healing through you and myself as well when I get to that goal !

    Thank you again for all the information.

    God Bless you always.


    Christine Gladysz

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