view from the curb

What happens when a crisis occurs?  The police, fire trucks and paramedics rally around the most injured victim followed closely by the Looky Lou’s and Lucy’s.

Sometimes that crisis can go on for a while.  It’s natural to look, want to help and get involved.  I’ve done so myself.  Yet in a life crisis the “scene” of the accident can go on for quite a while.  Some folks fade away…other good Samaritans stay to help.

It’s the view from the curb I want to address today.

Seldom do the crisis team and others choose to look around and see who may be sitting on the curb, injured in a less obvious way.  Perhaps it’s the family members of the victim or a close friend who sit there.  Not in immediate need of triage just less apparently damaged.

For the past several months I have been on the curb.  I grew bitter and isolated in my grief…in seemed no one from the crowd turned around to see if I was okay.

So I wondered, is it really the fault of the spectators or do we the curb sitters have a responsibility to stand up, tap someone on the shoulder and ask for help?  Maybe it’s both.

After months of sitting I am now doing some serious shoulder tapping and asking for help.  I realize in this lesson if no one notices then I am responsible for letting others I need support.

So I have been reaching out in this particular life crisis and asking for help.  Damaged in a less obvious way no one will no you need help if you don’t ask.

That’s just the way it is in a major crisis.

However, if this nudged your heart in anyway…the next time you see someone in crisis and their support team is strong–take a moment to look over your shoulder– to see whom else may have been affected and offer them a hand of support.

Today’s Reality:  I am responsible to us my voice.

And to those of you angels who have been there…I love and appreciate you.


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