The flaws you see in the mirror are only reflected by your own eyes.

This is a truth we choose to ignore when we give away our power and let anyone or anything other then our God who created us determine our self-worth.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  Lines, dimples, pimples, puffiness, sags or imperfections?  What you see is what you choose to see.  Don’t argue with me on this…it’h.s not my truth it’s God’s truth.

If He created you in His perfect image and you are seeing anything less than being a woman/man or person of wealth and character then your vision has become tainted and blurred by false value your mind has chosen to believe due to the ideas, words and untruths you have chosen to believe. God commands us to take ownership of our thoughts.

Let’s look back on our friend the Proverbs 31 Woman.  When if ever did she see her own physical reflection?  I imagine it was while she was bending over into the stream to wash her families clothing that she caught a glimpse of herself if a pool of water.  Yet instead of seeing a woman who may have had lines of sun damage, thinning hair and exhaustion she saw a woman of value because she chose to serve God regardless of her physical appearance and earn those things in the process of doing so.

As a matter of fact, because of her actions of service and obedience first to her God then her family whether she was balding and overweight by the world’s standards we know by the words written about her she was highly esteemed and valued by her family, peers and her Savior.

Not one mention of her description is about her physical appearance outside of clothing herself in purple linens.

So today, be encouraged!  Wrap your self in “purple linens” or your favorite dress, shirt or sweats knowing that as long as you are doing your best in your own individual capacity to serve your God by serving others you are beautiful.  Just as God created you to be.

All else is a lie from the pit of hell…if you give your tainted looking-glass reflection value, it will own you.

You are beautiful.  Beautiful to your creator, beautiful to those who love you, beautiful to me who appreciates you reading my posts.  Most importantly know that no matter what your circumstance you will not draw one more or one less breath then God intended.

So what do you see when you look in the mirror?  Lines of experience, graying hair of wisdom, lovable body rounding created by the meals you prepared to feed your family??  Your reflection is your choice.

Today’s Reality:  God’s vision of you if the truth.  All else is imperfect.  Your value is endless and perfect.


One thought on “The flaws you see in the mirror are only reflected by your own eyes.

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