My Temporary Relapse

Recently, I had a complete co-dependant enabling relapse and I haven’t been happy with myself about this.  Especially, it being my primary area of recovery.  However, I’ve come too far to go back and am pulling out all the tools.

A Step Study

Recovery Open Share Groups

Accountability Friends

Reality Checks

Calling out to God minute to minute to help me redirect my path

Trusting His Word.


This relapse has also caused me to have to redefine my role in my household.  However, instead of hiding from it (aka going into denial)  I choose to embrace the changes and move forward.

Frequently, I’ve read about the insurmountable Proverbs 31 Woman and dreaded her standards.

But here is the thing I recently discovered.  The Proverbs 31 Woman was NOT Co-Dependant, weak, vulnerable or a doormat.  She was strong, independant, provided for her family and helped others.

So to my list of Recovery Tools I am adding evaluating the Proverbs  Woman’s life and comparing it to the Co-dependant tendencies we as Christian woman often fall into.

Please join me on this journey in the weeks to come.  I will be blogging about it and looking forward to reader comments and insight.  After all…groups help.  I love support groups.  They feel like one of the safest places in the world to me.  Who better to know what ever you issue is than folks who have walked the path before you.

And I’m bringing the Proverbs 31 Woman on our journey and she is joining the group.

Please join us!


Today’s Reality:  I am never really alone or without an example in God’s Word 


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