The Great Clothing Exchange

One of my favorite things use to be getting new school clothes in the fall while growing up.  Just enough to feel fresh and face a new year.  In these economic hard times “new school clothes ” were not a reality for my family this year.

Not fun to tell the kids.

Although my daughter in particular has a full closet, many of her things are from early high school and junior high, things that just aren’t cool for a senior or confidence building.  Surely, I realized I’m not the only parent in this situation…so I got an idea!

I contacted my daughters youth group leaders from church Mandy and DeeAnn and told them of our situation.  I suggested that  perhaps there were other girls in the group with the same need and clothes they weren’t wearing in their closests and asked them if they would consider hosting a “clothing exchange.”  The idea being, each girl brings what she no longer wears and swapping it with the others…everyone leaving with something “new” to them.

This suggestion turned into much more than I could have imagined.  Last night Mandy and DeeAnn hosted what they called  Swap & Shop.  Unlike the pile of clothes dumped out on the floor from trash bags with everyone digging around as I had imagined:  these two awesome women provided hangars, clothing racks, food and made a night and game of it.

As I was told, each girl got a number and they went around the room with everyone picking out an item or two until everything was gone.  (Kind of like an endless ornament exchange.)  This was so clever and wonderful,  my “Mom”  heart was truly blessed!   No girl was made to feel awkward, needy or even aware that the suggestion came from one of their mothers.

They even took it one step further, exchanging shoes, jewelery and accessories, brilliant!  So last night my daughter came home with two pairs of pants, several shirts, a new pair of shoes, necklaces and sunglasses (we live in Southern California so these are a staple.)  I imagine all the other girls did the same.

So I  say kudos’ to the “great clothing exchange” AKA Swap & Shop.  One mom’s desire turning into a blessing to many.  I can see this as a very common trend in the reality of many folks economic future.

So let’s spread the Swap & Shop.  It’s a simple and a mutally benefically blessing to all.

Plus eternal gratitude to Mandy and DeeAnn–leaders who love like God.  Thank You sweet women.

Today’s Reality:  God’s provisions come in many packages.


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