When Did the Rules Change?

I have spent the past few weeks looking for the “seasonal” employment that is being advertised at my local retailers.  I must admit although I started off slow, but now I’ve taken this on with enthusiasm.  However, I have discovered to get one of these coveted positions is more of a challenge than I expected.

Being self-employed for many years has not weighed in my favor.  “Lie,” people tell me, “Dumb-Down” your resume’.  When did these things even become options.  Unless I’ve completely missed something (and perhaps I have) the things accomplished in one’s professional life are an asset to a company,  yet, I know folks who have left out impressive work experience to get basic employment.

Which leads me to my next dilemma, the on-line application.  I have embraced technology however, it amazes me that folks are “rejected” on-line before you’ve even had a chance to look them in the eye and shake their hand (clearly I’ve been rejected on-line.)

Then there was the well-meaning nurse who told me “if you don’t have any retail experience, just say you did years ago out-of-state and that the place burned down,”  I actually thought about that one.

Finally, there is the on-line assessment with questions that they say have no right or wrong answer such as “Are you a risk-taker or a procrastinator?”  Well honestly it depends on the situation I’m in yet I am forced to choose one answer.

I guess I long for the days of just being honest and not having to “work and angle” to do a good job for a company even though it is on a short-term basis.

No I’m not bitter.  I’m just getting educated.  As I learned today,  it’s apparently clear to everyone but me that you don’t ask for time off on the weekend on an application to go to church.  I won’t make that mistake again although I thought there was something constitutional that covered me there.  Fortunately, my church has an on-line campus.

So if you see me at the local Dairy Queen this Christmas season, offer me a smile because that means I finally mastered the ins and outs of application psychology and that I will be serving my employer as I would God, doing it in His name. 

Today’s Reality:   God has the perfect place for me.


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