Widgets, Weight and Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Every year our pastor challenges us make a list of obtainable goals for personal growth from everything from physical, emotional, intellectual, vocational, relational, spiritual and financial health.

Obtainable Goals that may roll over to 2013

This year I not only participated, I put my goals on a poster board so it would always be in my face. (On the flip side of the board I put pics of mid-century modern architecture simply because I like to look at it.)

My imaginary home

Today I had a major life achievement as I built (okay re-built) the blog page for our reality show the Recovery Bus, www.recoverybus.com.  (No disrespect to the emminent original builder Wrangler Dani) I just needed something to “color” on—to practice on so to speak.  .

Instead of my usual tantrums, tears, traumas and calling out for my teen-agers…I actually did the on-line tutorials at Word Press and did such things such as activating widgets, cropping pictures, choosing templates and other tasks that until recently were less attractive the rancid Hungarian Goolash.  It’s a new life hurdle!

In reviewing my other areas desired growth I have maintained my weight-loss, changed ministries as per God’s prompting, disconnected the cable since TV is toxic and it’s one of my addictions (okay the cable was pricey too but it serves the same purpose…it’s gone.)  So whenever Micheal Jackson’s doctor does or doesn’t go to jail I’ll have to read it on-line.

The point of this being that writing down the goals has merit.  It prompted me.  (Of course realizing my kids would be graduating in the near future and going to college also prompted me as I realized my live-in social media tutors would be gone.)

So hang in there buddies.  After all had it not been for growth you’d be reading this message from a piece of paper you pulled out of the water on the beach instead of on a fancy blog.

So stay encouraged.  It is never too soon or too late to make a change, learn something new and keep moving forward.

Today’s Reality:  God is not done with me yet!


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