How Do You Wake up?

While visiting the web site yesterday I took a poll which asked; “What is your attitude when you wake up in the morning?”  I loves polls and jumped right in and took it.  I voted for “excitement.”  ( For those of you who don’t know I LOVE Curves Gyms for women and used them to lose my weight and continue to do so for maintenance…no I’m not getting compensated for that plug.)

When I clicked on “poll results”  I was shocked to see that a whopping 40% of the pollers voted for “acceptance.”  (See complete  poll results at end of this post.)  Just acceptance that another day had occurred and that they would try to endure it.

I sat back and gave this some thought and realized that every morning although I do wake up excited it doesn’t take long before the realities of my current trials sink in.  Those things that I hope when I wake up in the morning will be gone, just gone and a bad dream.

At that point I am presented with a choice, a choice of thought.  Will I choose to praise God and choose joy that day or ruminate on the yucky stuff that plagues me.

Well lately, I must admit I’ve slipped and since my husband broke both of his arms I have let the life circumstances immediately rob my morning joy and I have looped on the difficulties at hand.

Until about a year ago when I committed to do the Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind Study I was always an automatic negative thinker. What was interesting to me is that my nature is happiness yet the minute the negativity swoops in lately (eight weeks to be exact) I’ve chosen to give it power.

My Battlefield of the Mind work paid off but the thought life is a slippery slope and this poll made me realize I’ve taken a dive lately in the thought life.  For me this is a rapid decent so today I am choosing to immerse my self in God’s word and work before hitting the bottom I see so clearly before me.

Today’s Reality:  God can use unexpected things to give us a wake-up call.

Which of these most closely represents your initial attitude when you wake up in the morning?


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