I’m Not Hungry?

I must admit it’s a statement I never thought I would hear coming out of my mouth.  Yet, in these last weeks (my husband disabled with two broken arms from what I call his mid-life bike crash) I have forgotten to eat.

Now this is the opposite of how I lived a great majority of my adult life.  Food was my friend and many times my only friend.  However, in our new tumultuous life where I am remembering to live in faith not fear, I have many times forgotten to eat…at all.

I mentioned this during a routine exam and my doc said that my brain has actually changed (yes, it can happen) and my auto pilot response of turning to food to numb out has been dis-mantled.  Who would have thought?

Now I’m not suggesting for a minute that not eating is acceptable.  Actually, now that it was pointed out to me that I need to remember to eat during extreme stress it was easy.  Food just isn’t my bff any longer.

Instead I have newer friends.  Exercise, support groups, real-live flesh bff’s and most importantly God.  The point of all this is that it is possible to change any behavior at any stage in life.  After all folks I lost this 95 pounds in my 40’s not my crisp young 20’s where I could stay up all night, study, pass an exam and my skin still had a plump amount of elasticity.

It is this realization that also reminds me of the consistency of God.  When I was over-weight it felt hopeless.  However, as a result of a close relationship God and A LOT of hard work on my part I was able to break a negative pattern and change a destructive behavior.

So for that reason I can be thankful for my current trials as they remind me that God has never left me, forsaken me or hung me out to dry without holding my hand and bringing me out the other side better than I went in.

Today’s Reality:  The doughnut doesn’t taste as good as the victory.

When food was my numb-out.

Feeling The Love. 🙂

One thought on “I’m Not Hungry?

  1. Dawn, her family, The Recovery Bus, and all of its crew are doing a commendable job in helping others resolve their issues. Best wishes to each of you. From: Musia` in Michigan.

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