Six Days of Love Notes From God

It was a rough week.  My husband and son were in a biking accident leaving my son banged up and bloodied and my husband with two broken arms and other injuries.

I know it could have been worst.  I know I am lucky they had their helmets on and that their injuries are healable.  However, on top of other issues these past few weeks I’ve been in a cycle of fear not faith and that is not a good operating system for me.  Lately, Miss Clairol couldn’t keep my hair from going gray.

I’ve been spinning, my head, my thoughts.  I’ve been immobilized in fear.  So when I stumbled on to my church grounds last night to “serve” in the prayer ministry it was clear I needed to be the recipient not the giver.

An estute pastor heard of my husband’s broken bones and came over to pray for me and offer encouragement.  He poured out his heart and shared his own story of financial hardship, self-employment, brokenness and losing hope…yet one thing he said stuck out to me, “Dawn, you’ve shared several blessings you’ve received this week since your husband was injured, those are love notes from God,” he continued.  “When we are not walking with God he doesn’t send those love notes.”

The ‘love notes” he was speaking of is the overwhelming generosity of our friends and church. Meals arrivng, baked goods on the doorstep, unexpected visits and gifts of monetary generosity.    He instructed me to go home and write down every one of these “love notes” so I would remember that God is with me.

Once, home, I barged into my son’s room and pilfered a pad of sticky notes and began to write down every blessing that had happened in the six days since the accident and post them up on the closet door in our bedroom so that in weak moments, I would see the unrefuted truth of God’s goodness and that He was indeed with us and providing for our needs.  Soon our kids jumped in and reminded us of things we had forgotten in the scurry of doctor visits, pain meds and trauma.

Today’s Reality:  God’s got this.


2 thoughts on “Six Days of Love Notes From God

  1. Hi Dawn,
    These dark moments are when he is closest. Just breathe him in deeply when everything else stinks. I know you are working hard right now to meet everyone’s needs and care for them. That’s a tough job. You are doing great!
    Remember you are loved and He is with you and you are his beautiful girl. And very soon, this too shall pass.
    Love you,
    Samantha Keller

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