Back from the Bus Trip

For those of you who may not be aware I have been off taping the pilot to a new reality show created by my husband called the Recovery Bus.   You can check out my most recent posts at

Here’s the skinny (love that word now) on how it went down.  After the years of struggles my husband and I both endured in our childhood…you know you the usual A words, abuse, adultry, addiction, anger etc… not to mention we each experiencing divorce, illness and the list goes on.  He decided to round up the exact folks who helped us on our personal journey.

And these ain’t no average folk, no sir.  These are down right doctor people and highly trained mental health and recovery professsionals. (Don’t know where that accent just came from.)  They were so excited about the project they jumped on board.

A production company heard about the project and we partnered up with them to from Recovery  Bus Productions.  They taped the pilot and once the “sizzle reel” is done we will be shopping it around.

I don’t know what the outcome will be…however, I know the faith-based healing used in this format far surpassed my expectations, leaving our first family in a place of hope from hopelessness.

I do encourage you to check out our progress at  Genereational sin (my personal favorite format) was broken and the things we recieved from God were definitely payed forward.

Today’s Reality:  Never give up hope, on yourself, your dreams or your usefulness.


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