Coupon High

I’ve thought about it.  Not much but some.  Coupon cutting I mean.  Although I realize it is an economically feasible and strategic thing to do…I just don’t.  It looks complicated.  Couponers are organized.  They categorize.  They have a plan.  And all things being the same I am an Oscar not a Felix.  It’s just too much for me.

Until this week with the economic down turn,  we took a hit.  So I walked into my local market (not my regular market, but one that doubles coupons.)  Although I had no pre cut coupon deals despite watching several episodes of Extreme Couponers, I did have a nice little envelope of perforated edge coupons mailed to me by the store.

They spent a week in my purse until I mustered up the courage to stray from my regular routine and try something new.  I grabbed the ad walking in and was thrilled to see my favorite produce on sale.  (Fresh food is a big-ticket item.)  I moved strategically through th store shopping only for store brands and on-sale items. 

By the time I hit the register I felt good about my careful choices.  Then came the grocery store bingo-like excitement when I finally remembered to break out those coupons they mailed me.  It was awesome!  Like a Vegas Christmas for a non-gambler like me.  Double points, double coupons and $13 dollars off just because they loved me as a new customer. 

I watched the register waiting for total reductions, savings, excitement, applause from the checkers and baggers.  I had reached a new level of savings.  With great anticipation of my total I saved over $90.  I was thrilled.  I had bought enough food to feed my family for a week for $100 less than usual.  I felt high, exilerated.  I loved it.  It must be that addiction gene that runs in my family.  Adrenaline pumping I proudly asked for assistance to my car with my treasure of savings.

When I returned home proud of my bargain bomba, my husband and son seemed less thrilled.  But my adrenaline was still pumping and I went on for hours showing my whole grain chips, meat and fresh produce to the fam.  Although they were less thrilled than I, my son was grateful to have some fresh snacks and my hubby feared another replacement numb-out in my future.  And honestly, I  probably could go that way.

But today I will choose to bask in the glory of my working mom savings and wait again for those fancy coupons to come in the mail.  Not sure I’m quite ready to plan in advance, pre-cut and begin a stock pile.  (Although I find it fascinating.)  So fo now I will remain a Mom on a budget looking for new ways to economize for my family as I relish my secret thrill.

Today’s Reality:   It’s okay to feel the rush of couponing …as  long as you remember to feed your kids that night.


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