Mall Trauma

I am not a mall shopper.  I never have been.  And all though I am completely aware of the fact that mall shopping is practically an American past-time, I just don’t get it.

However, after a trip to the desert and a stop in a normal store (this meaning not attached to a conglomerate of other stores) I purchased a pair of slacks.  Unfortunately, when I got home they were not the right size (too big believe it or not another new experience for my reduced body) and I was forced to go to a mall to make an exchange.

With my teens in tow I entered the facility and instructed them to meet me in precisely one hour after making the trade.  Boldly I entered the targeted chain store to try on the other size determined to get out of their quicker than a Taco Bell drive-through.  Then it happened…retail sales people approached me!

Armed with coordinated out fits, words of compliments and accessorizations they claimed would change my life and style, they filled my dressing room.  Out fit after out fit came in and out of the door.  At one point when all the dressing rooms were filled, I was escorted to the employee rest room to use as a changing place so I wouldn’t lose the opportunity to try on the green blouse that was sweeping the nation.  (I hate green.)

After uncountable minutes I looked down at my phone to see that the rendezvous time I had established with my children had come and gone and that I had missed numerous calls and texts from them.  (I believe they thought I had suffered some sort of seizure and was unable to meet them since I have never been known to be sucked in by a mall.)

One hour and forty minutes later I emerged into the lunch spot where I had intended to meet them, to find the lunch they had ordered me in a to-go bag and their faces ance to move on to our next stop.

And in case you are wondering, no, I did not leave the mall with the new pant size I had intended to obtain.  However, I now own a green blouse that if I ever wear I am certain will save the world from some incurable disease.

Today’s Reality:  It’s okay to stick with what makes me comfortable.


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