What do you say to Brad Pitt in an Elevator?

The other day while lunching with a friend, she shared a story with me about a time she worked a telethon laden with all types of celebrity folk.  During the event her boyfriend popped his hand into an elevator door before it closed so they could jump on.  Much to her surprise, she stepped in to find Hollywood’s hottie or baddie depending on if you are  team Jolie or team Aniston,  Mr. Brad Pitt, standing with his agent.

According to her account, he reached out his hand to her and said, “Hi, I’m Brad,”  to which she responded with a resounding cackle of laughter.  She said this was  all she could utter in her shock and excitement while thinking, “of course you are!”  Her story ended after that but I imagine her standing for the duration of the ride with a cheshire grin on her face. 

I looked at her across our lunch table and asked “why the laugh?”  “Because!”  she responded “What do you say to Brad Pitt on an elevator??”   Being a Clooney fan, in my case,  probably not much.  (Unless I decided to give him a verbal lashing on the pitfalls of being on the receiving end of adultery, not that he would care.)

All of this resonated with me today as we returned home from a family trip to Universal Studios.  The park filled with hopefuls from all over the world visualizing themselves being discovered  as they stormed the park along with the herd of summer visitors such as myself, volunteering for audience interactive shows and picturing themselves on the set of their own feature Hollywood film. (And yes, in case you are wondering when I visited the park for the first time my self &% years ago, I did the same thing.)

But today, sure of who I am as I walk along my daily life with God, confident that I will survive these years of teen parenting and assured that God’s purpose for me far surpasses any ideals I have for myself…if on an elevator with Brad Pitt, I’d probably just look up and say “floor three please,” and gesture for him to hit my elevator button.

However if it were George Clooney, Lucille Ball or Sandra Bullock on the lift, all bets of composure would be off.

Today’s Reality:  It’s okay to be giddy at things that excite me.