Losing an Onion Mentality

Last night while preparing dinner I stood in front of  my stove slicing an onion.  I love cooked onions.  As I chopped and cut the constant analogy of “life is like and onion, you have to peel back one layer at a time,” came to mind.  I have used this analogy many times myself in recovery groups.    But in reality what is in the center of an onion? 

Nothing…absolutely nothing. 

And it dawned on me, why spend my  life peeling back something when there is nothing in the middle.  It’s a waste of my time.  Therefore, I have decided to be and artichoke. 

The pieces of an artichoke are large and rigid on the outside and get smaller and more delicious on the inside.  Sometimes they are hard to remove and must be torn off the core, it is part of the process.  Sometimes the pieces fall right off.  But there is a reward in the end…the goal of peeling off the layers.  There is the “heart.”

Best of all the heart is the most beautiful and delicious piece.  The work and layers I’ve done over the years much represent the physical (over ninety-pounds) and emotional pounds God has released from my body.  In the center there is something in tact and delicious.  

Therefore, I now choose to be an artichoke in analogous thinking.  Peeling off the layers to reach a goal.   Bye-bye to my onion mentality.

Today’s Reality:  At the center of my hard work, Christ is there.


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