Parks to Proms


      After a whirlwind of activity and a brief emotional melt down on my part as I watched my daughter prepare for her first date (although they just went as friends)  her first prom is over.  Exhausted from the experience I can’t imagine what must go into planning your child’s wedding, fortunately I have time to figure that one out.

     Personally, I had never gone to the prom (no dramatic sob story here).  Instead I attended a party in a park that night where my friends and I dressed in denim not diamonds and partook of activities I definitely would have severely “consequenced” my own child for partaking in.

     As opposed to repeating my old pattern, my daughter formed a new one.  She was  formally asked on a date.  My husband and I helped arrange their limo transportation (btw…where I grew up we only saw a limo if a rich person died )  and  we met the other parents  (as opposed to me disappearing on prom night.)    My daughter reveled in the joy of the dress, shoes, hair,  make-up and nails.  No notorious activity was being planned on the side and she didn’t attend a party in a cold  park where the “cool kids”  aka “the kids without dates”  hung out. 

     She returned home sober, happy, clean and well-groomed (need I elaborate?)    I have always thought of the absence of the dreaded “A”  words (abuse, adulty, addiction, anger etc…)  and until recently haven’t focussed enough on the generational blessings.  The beautiful things God would fill- in the spaces of what was broken.

     So,  today I sit  with a few hundred dollars less in my pocket,   but with a ring of happiness at seeing God’s “replacement activities” and the riches He provides when we remove the traps our kids can fall in by setting a better example and changing our behaviors.  Moving forward I will be looking more for the blessings on the small things taking place.  They really are enjoyable!

Today’s Reality:  For every positive action I take, God places a positive reaction.


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