Me & Rhonda

I knew she would take me anywhere…she always has.  Rhonda that is.  My ten-year old Buick.  My daughter named her the day I brought her home.  “Mom, it’s Rhonda!”  she declared.  The name stuck.  Since that time Rhonda has safely transported me to soccer games, play dates, football games, marching band competitions and several speaking engagements.  Yesterday was no different.

I gassed up the old girl and we headed down the freeway to beautiful La Jolla where I was scheduled to speak for Campus Crusade for Christ.  Windows down, hair blowing in the wind, music playing we were feeling good while cruising down the California coast.  The closer we got to beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, the more aware I became that Rhonda was not quite as shiny and chic as the other cars cruising by nor was I quite as swanky as their drivers. 

Insecurity set in.  I wondered if what appeared to be my overly affluent audience would be noticing my lack of  Botox and weathered vehicle.  Some may say we were both in need of a Life Style Lift.  (You know those late night infomercials promising to take off ten years during lunch.)  

But we forged on.  By the end of the luncheon,  there was one more woman going to heaven because she accepted Christ as her Savior, two new women who were joining the Bible Study and I realized no matter how adorned anyone is on the outside, my preconceived notions of who they may be and how they perceived me was wrong. 

On the way home driving  Rhonda, I felt more blessed, joyful and richer than I ever had. 

Today’s Reality:  It’s God perception of me that matters.


One thought on “Me & Rhonda

  1. Thanks for posting this! 🙂 I feel lighter and more revived already! You are a great writer, Dawn, and I can’t wait to read more of your blogs!

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